Art and Environment Project for the Shire of The Yarra Ranges.

The aim of this project was to make connections with the land, the site, ritual, our own Identity and states of being with self and each other. A a structure was created for individuals to sit at and weave their story into it as they shared it with others. This project facilitated an exploration of ones own creativity and ability to contribute to a whole that was based on union and respect for differences. Through the act of twining together they part-took in a ritual. I sat in the site for 6 days creating the weaving welcoming passers-by to join in. Participants were encouraged to bring materials from their home to weave into the structure. A total of 5 ephemeral art projects ran concurrently working with different sectors of the community. These workshops and the Art and Environment festival initiated awareness for permanent public artworks which was installed soon after.

Cane, natural fibres and wool
2m x 2m