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Tania Virgona ATh.R, M.A.C.A 
Art Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing 
Practitioner and Artist 

My artistic enquiry explores the intra-psychic dynamics of our human condition. My desire has always been to describe in a visual language the unseen elements that affect and surround our human experience.

The natural world and its elements act as visual metaphors to these concepts, whether it is works on paper, drawings, design or environmental installations. A view into a subconscious world is presented; at once foreign but strangely familiar. Fleshy, seductive, sensual and at times erotic qualities stir the soul and have an organic and metaphoric language of their own.

At times there is no divide between the inner and the outer, between the vast and the miniscule, or between the body and the earth. At other times links are made between the inner workings of the human psyche and consciousness, the archetypal concepts of the feminine and masculine, the micro and macro, land and water, the inner and outer, the solid and the ephemeral and the sexual element.

Whether it is a work on paper or an environmental installation my aim is to create a new space for contemplation and connection; a receptive space reflecting the Feminine principle within us all. To feel the depth and paradox of our human condition and our earthly existence.

I create bodies of work that explore a theme and are complete within themselves. A brief statement or essay accompanies each body of work.